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Creating Space to be with our Heart Changes Our Lives.

Slow down and tune in with Bendichas Manos Ceremonial Cacao experiences.

The highest quality Mayan ceremonial cacao with adaptogenic herbs and spices for the most heart opening and nourishing experience.

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  • Alchemical magic

    This blend is absolute magic. It carries cacao’s energy in synergistic partnership with the other herbs and the prayers it is infused with. In all of my many years of working with plants, this blend holds a synergy that I know is rare to find. It’s pure alchemy created in deep relationships to the plants involved with mama cacao as the central star. After buying one bag, I came right back for the bulk package and will surely be back again. And Jessie who makes this blend is a beautiful human who puts her heart in this work, so it’s an honor to support the mission she has of carrying cacao into the hands of those that need her medicine.

  • The most beautiful, sacred, & decadent cacao!

    This cacao has been changing my life! I can truly feel the deep love, devotion, and intention that is put into the cacao, allowing me to drop deeply into ceremony with the medicine. When you follow the instructions on the back of the bag, it gives you the creamiest cacao! I love adding two dates in as I blend it and find it to be perfect. I absolutely LOVE this cacao and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in incorporating cacao into their lives whether it's for a morning ritual, ceremony, offerings, or events. Thank you, Jessie!

  • Made with the most love!

    That feeling when you know what you're buying is made with love, intention, care, and integrity - from sourcing to marketing to how the leadership carries themselves in the world? Bendichas Manos! I proudly offer Jessie's cacao to friends when the ritual calls, whether to mark a special moment, gathering, or celebration of being alive. Thank you for being a role model steward of this medicine!

  • Love this Cacao

    I absolutely love Bendichas Manos Ceremonial cacao. It has a rich, delicious flavor and made with the most high quality ingredients. Bendichas Manos founder Jessie Duke puts so much love into creating the cacao, honoring both the Mayan tradition and her own lineage. I drink it as a morning ritual to feel more embodied. Opening my heart has been a challenge, and drinking this cacao has really helped me open and connect with my heart space. I highly recommend!

  • Everything I needed

    This cacao is amazing - so centering - has transformed my daily routine and made me feel grateful every morning - buy immediately for more presence and peace of mind :)

  • Amazing cacao

    I love drinking this cacao daily. It’s one of my favorite ways to connect with my heart. The flavors are truly divine. Always makes me want more.

  • Incredible Cacao - thank you!!!

    This cacao is high quality and sourced with love. I have used it in ceremonies with myself and others and it’s been wonderful. Not only the rich flavor or textures, but the intention that went into creating this product. Re-upping very soon. Thank you BM!!

In addition to Mayan Criollo Cacao,

six herbs comprise our unique blend. Each is sustainably sourced, and has been intuitively chosen for warmth, awakeness, and tenderness.