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How to

Bringing cacao into your life in a meaningful way.

A few simple steps to start

Gift Yourself a Moment of Presence.

To prepare, add 1 tablespoon into a blender with hot water. Take a deep breath, reflect on your intention, and invite the Spirit of Cacao into your heart.

Meet your day from your heart.

A cup of cacao invites us into gratitude for all we have. Like gratitude, cacao clears the film off our eyes so we can really see all that we have in front of us.

Let the ritual guide you throughout your day, and your life.

Cacao invites us to consider the ways we are in relationship with all that is in front of us. Let a moment of gratitude be just the beginning of thinking about the power of what we can choose to create with our own hands.

Ideas for self-guided rituals coming soon.