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Gazala Collective Sharashib Protection Tassles

  • $40.00

These Sharashibs (pronounced "sharasheeb") are hand-made by Gazala Collective's beloved Jmiya al-Kashar and her Bedouin family clan. They are made traditionally as protection from "The Evil Eye... Ayn Harrah...عين

Some interpret this as a force of protection from any harmful person, or destructive presence; anything that robs you of your innate knowing of who you are as a divinely originated being.

Gift these to loved ones to hang on their bags, keys, baby cribs, rear view mirrors, bicycles, doorposts, above your bed, or on an altar.

These gifts contribute to the revitalization of a shared Middle Eastern culture through collaborative efforts between Jewish Israelis and Bedouin communities, both actively participating in the creation of all of Gazala's projects. Learn more about the process here.


Limited stock. To celebrate the availability of Gazala Collective creations for purchase on Bendichas Manos, we are thrilled to offer a special 10% discount for a limited time.


Gazala Collective is a cross-cultural collective reviving the art of Bedouin, Judaic, Muslim, and Middle Eastern Weaving traditions by creating hand-crafted, ethically made, and locally sourced textiles. Actively supporting, educating, promoting, and preserving every step of a sacred weaving process, Gazala artisans farm the wool, clean, spin, and dye the yarn. Then they ultimately design and weave the textiles through this ancient and culturally collaborative process. 

Gazala is committed to revitalizing the shared culture of peoples in the region, strengthen relationships, and inspire deeper collaboration between Jewish & Bedouin communities by empowering local artisans to have more autonomy and re-instill global value in their timeless craft.